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Below are answers to Sparkle’s frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don't see below, please contact us.

Will Sparkle Car Wash remove snow and ice from my car?

The tunnel wash is specifically designed and finely tuned to remove dirt and road grime from the surface of your car, it is not designed to remove ice, snow, bird droppings, road tar and tree sap. Removing these would require far more friction than would be healthy for your car’s finish. In fact, we request that you remove snow and ice from your vehicle before coming to the car wash. Excess snow and ice can damage our tunnel equipment.

What is protectant?

Protectant is a solution applied in the tunnel and provides a sacrificial barrier between your car’s clear coat and everyday elements that your vehicle encounters. Since the protectant is sprayed on it’s able to get behind trim and into corners. It also is fine enough to fill in the microscopic pores and scratches in your clear coat finish. We advise getting a new application of protectant every couple of weeks.

Why is the green towel I get damp?

Sparkle Car Wash moistens our towels with an anti-bacterial agent to keep them soft and safe for the finish on your vehicle.

Are Club Memberships transferable?

Our Club Memberships can be transferred from one car to another in the event you replace your vehicle. You must see one of our attendants to do this. Now, as long as the license plate is the same, they do not need to do anything. We use LPR not RFID tags. Also, we must go into our database and exchange identification information for the vehicles.

I’m going away on business for 3 months, can I suspend my Club membership while I’m away?

Yes, you can suspend your Club membership. It’s a quick and simple process but you need to see one of our attendants to take care of it, or call or contact us through our website. When you’re ready to reactive your membership just come see us again and we’ll quickly have you up and running. Our software also automatically suspends memberships that have not been used for 60 days. This is a courtesy to our customers who may be traveling or moved away and forgot to suspend their memberships.

Can I renew my membership at the payment terminal?

Yes, this is the most convenient way to renew.

How do I purchase a Club membership?

You can purchase your Club membership from the payment terminal at the entrance to the car wash. Upon exiting the tunnel, park your car and see an attendant in order to complete the process.

I had my windshield replaced; can I move my tag to my new windshield?

You will destroy the delicate electronic chip in the tag if you try to remove it. We will be happy to place a new tag on your replaced windshield the next time you’re at Sparkle Car Wash. Just see one of our attendants. I would get rid of this, OR say that we no longer use RFID tags and now can identify vehicles by their license plate.

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