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Fundraising Opportunities At Sparkle Car Wash




Your non-profit organization and its supporters can benefit from the fundraising experts at Sparkle Car Wash. Your supporters will enjoy the finest car wash while your organization benefits from the profits and convenience of a well-managed fundraising event.

No hassles. No make-up dates. No more worrying about your volunteers standing on corners flagging down strangers.

Contact Sparkle Car Wash today to set up a successful fundraising event!


Choose the fundraiser option that best suits your organization.

Option 1 – Pre-Sell Car Washes

Sparkle Car Wash makes it easy, select one of these wash packages to pre-sell. Both wash packages can be used at either Easton or Stroudsburg locations.


Upon payment of those pre-sold washes, we will activate and supply a single-use code on a card for you to distribute back to your buyers. Your organization nets 50% of all total pre-sold washes.

Option 2 – Sell Gift Cards

Sell Sparkle Car Wash Gift Cards for $15, $25, and $50 values. Sparkle's Gift Cards can be used at either  Easton or Stroudsburg locations.

Sparkle Car Wash Gift Cards
Sparkle Car Wash Gift Cards

Once you are done selling, you'll let us know the number of gift cards that have been sold ($15, $25, and $50). Upon payment of those cards, we will activate the cards and have them ready for you to distribute to those who have bought them. Your organization nets 50% of the total gift cards sold.

The Benefits

  • Easy to promote and sell.
    Avoid set-up fees or upfront costs.

  • Eliminates the need to arrange a facility.
    Avoids injury or liability concerns.

  • Your supporters can redeem washes or gift cards at any time.

Fundraising Opportunities At Sparkle Car Wash

Past Fundraisers

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