Towel Exchange Program at Sparkle Car Wash in Stroudsburg

Sparkle Car Wash customers enroll in the Towel Exchange Program to touch up the few Spot Free Rinse droplets that are inevitable after the wash.

Here's how the Towel Exchange Program works:

You buy into the program just once ($3.00) and receive a fresh towel. Every time you wash your vehicle thereafter, you exchange your towel for another fresh one with no additional charge.

How and Why is the Sparkle Car Wash Towel Exchange Program Different?

Sparkle Car Wash cares about the finish on your vehicle. We buy new, high quality towels by the truckload. Before they become part of the Towel Exchange Program, they are pre-washed multiple times to eliminate lint and to soften them for effective, safe touching up. You will notice that the fresh towel you receive is damp. That is intentional. Sparkle moistens our towels with an anti-bacterial agent to keep them soft and safe for the finish on your vehicle.

Join the Towel Exchange Program the next time you visit Sparkle Car Wash.

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